Dancin’ Queen

Today, we had a Cece-and-mama-day-of-fun at the mall. It consisted of Toddler Tuesday, lunching together, and then wreaking havoc in (I mean, kindly visiting) the American Girl store. I was glad to see that Cece’s sweet dance moves have not been affected be her being under the weather recently.Here’s to more fun outings outside of the…

Happy 2013!

And so long, 2012! I didn’t get a chance to post my favorite 2012 moments before the year was over. So, here it is now. Last year was fabulously Cece-centric and it was so fun to witness her first steps, first birthday, first time eating pancakes… you get the idea.     I know I’m a little late…

Fall Footage

While handing out candy last night, I made a “movie” consisting of Iphone videos taken over the last week (mainly playing in the leaves and our Halloween activities). Enjoy!  Music is “Relator” by Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson.

Future Chef

Hello all! We just returned from a fun and busy four days with the in-laws in St. Cloud. Cece and I are just getting settled back in our house again while unpacking, cleaning, cooking, etc. Just the usual. Today she discovered that the coins in our change jar (formerly Maya’s college fund) go well with a mixing…

A few words…

Right before bedtime tonight, we made a little video for my people back in Chicago (or anyone who likes baby talk really). Enjoy!

A Fourth of July Short Film

My third and final cabin/4th of July post… and then I’m moving on. Promise : ) I hope C enjoys these little mom-made movies when she gets older. When I watch, I am reminded yet again that I am in the middle of truly the sweetest days of my life and I am so very…

Dancing Baby!

I’m guilty of sometimes having the TV on at home with Cece. And I’m guilty of frequently watching What Not to Wear. And apparently she recognizes said TV show’s theme song.

Our trip to Chicago, revisted

I made a little video of our trip to Chicago about a month ago, posted it on Facebook, and have been meaning to add it here as well. Again, we had such a great time and her birthday party was so fun. Enjoy once more! Music: “All I Want is You” by Tristan Prettyman


I almost forgot to mention that in honor of the Oscars last week, I embarked on my film-making career. ( I know, I have lots of “careers.”) So… if you wanted to see C in action, here is a little movie we made. Walking, buying toilet paper, and her first time sledding is included. Enjoy!