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Nov + Dec 2018

  Happy Holidays! We are in full cozy-mode around here. I don’t know about all of you but I seem to fluctuate daily between experiencing pure joy this Christmas season and also being totally overwhelmed about all the things a parent needs to do and be during the holidays. These feelings seemed to be heightened… Continue reading Nov + Dec 2018

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Holiday Giveaway: My Favorite Things!

Sometimes I wish I was a big fancy shmancy blogger who could host crazy good giveaways (like vacations and home makeovers and things of that nature) to readers. The truth is pretty much my audience consists of my mom, Joe’s mom, and a few other friends and family members… and that still makes me very… Continue reading Holiday Giveaway: My Favorite Things!


What didn’t make the cut for the holiday card.

I love giving and receiving holiday cards. I think my mom put me in charge of writing out our family’s cards when I was like, 12 and I was like, seriously pumped about it. (It’s true, I’ve always known how to have a rockin’ Friday night.) And now that I’m older with a family of… Continue reading What didn’t make the cut for the holiday card.