Hair + Skincare

As a mom of 4, I try (keyword try) to be thoughtful about family and personal purchases. That being said, I also value taking care of myself and doing what I can to feel like a babe during this insane season of life… this includes everything from the occasional soak in the bath with a book, to taking walks and going on runs, and not slacking when it comes to taking care of my hair and face (as I very much did in my teens and early 20s).

I’ve had such a positive experience with Monat’s hair and skin care line over the past year (and a phone full of selfies to prove it) that I’m now sharing the products I’ve been loving as a market partner.

Monat boasts naturally-based, vegan, anti aging products. Which sounds great and all, but I truthfully, I just love how everything smells and feels! The shampoo, conditioners, facewash, moisturizers, etc. worked so effectively and quickly that it was enough to make me use the products consistently. Therefore I actually saw results.

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