About Me

Hello! Rachel here! I really love to chat, so consider yourself warned.

Growing up, I lived on the south side of Chicago and also the suburb of Oak Lawn. (Go Hawks! Go pizza!) I attended the University of Minnesota and graduated in 2008 and graduated with a degree in journalism while wearing an engagement ring. After several editorial internships, I found myself in a retail adventure at American Girl for three years. During this time I did some grown-up things. My husband Joe and I got married, we welcomed our first daughter, Cecelia, and bought our first home in Richfield (practically South Minneapolis).

Shortly after Cece was born, I made another career change becoming CEO of domestic affairs (aka, stay-at-home mama). I purchased my first “real” camera and began blogging about our life as a way to stay connected to my family in Illinois. Blogging became my gateway to photography as friends and family began asking me to take photos for them. One session would lead to another and then another. And now my hobby is a small business and I couldn’t be happier about it.

When I’m not snapping pictures, you can usually find me trying unsuccessfully to wrangle my four kids, taking a dance class, power shopping at Target, scaling a rock wall with my husband, or enjoying a big book and a good cup of coffee. (Or glass of wine. Whatever the situation calls for!) My family and I currently live in Hudson, WI and love the blend of small town life, big city conveniences, and the beautiful countryside to adventure around!