Halloween 2019

Hello from November! Halloween was one week ago and if I don’t post photos of it now, the images and memories will get lost in the abyss of my slush photos and we’ll never see them again! Anyone in the Midwest can agree that it was a frigid one. At least it stayed dry for…

September 2019

Ah, old blog, I’ve missed you so! Fall is consistently a busy time of year, but this one has definitely been busier than most. I knew mama/family blogging would have to get moved to the backburner for a bit, but I thought I would do a brief catch-up on at least some autumnal happenings. Early…

First Days of School 2019

I’m still in disbelief that our girls are this big and this old, but Cece and Rosie began third grade and kindergarten this week. Cece started school this Tuesday and Rosie just boarded the bus for her first day of kindergarten this morning. I’m really glad they were cooperative and willing to take first-day pics….

“Finter” Fun

So winter has come barging in on fall’s territory with quite the attitude! I’m deeming the merge of the two seasons as “finter.” (I’ve checked. It’s a thing. Or at least a hashtag) The above photo was taken the day after Halloween. Nice, right? Even though low temps and the occasional snow have kind of…

I Love Fall Most of All

  I think every red-blooded person (and not just my plaid-wearing, pumpkin-spice-loving self)) can agree that fall is probably the most beautiful and busiest time of the year.  Looking back on the past two months, I feel that our family has done SO MUCH against the backdrop of autumn leaves and the perfect fall breeze….