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Best Life Bootcamp

About the last couple months… It’s been everyone’s favorite time of year, right? I have mixed feelings about January and February. I don’t love the short days and bitterly cold air and constant threat of illness, but I do love candles, flannel, the fireplace a-blazin’, and cozy blankets. I also appreciate that the holiday hustle… Continue reading Best Life Bootcamp


My Pregnant Whole 30 (and my favorite recipes!)

About a month ago, I completed my first successful Whole 30 round. (AH! It still feels good to say that!) At the beginning, I never thought Day 31 would come. (For real… there’s no way to really make January feel never-ending than giving up your favorite ooey-gooey comfort foods). I’m happy to say that I not only… Continue reading My Pregnant Whole 30 (and my favorite recipes!)